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Securities borrowing and lending is a very competitive business. While individual firms involved in the business may have their own unique marketing and business development strategies in Asia, the member firms believe that PASLA, as a collective group of major firms in the industry, provides an important benefit to Asian securities regulators, stock exchanges, and monetary authorities by providing an "industry consensus" on issues that affect the development of the securities lending business. more

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2014 PASLA/RMA conference in Tokyo and we look forward to seeing you all in Shanghai in 2015!
Presentations included:


TAIWAN: Securities Day Trading to allow "First-Sell-Then-Buy" (26 Mar 2014) arrow

Executive Board Meeting - Minutes (25 Mar 2014) arrow

HONG KONG: Changes to list of securities designated for short selling (11 Mar 2014) arrow

PHILIPPINES: PSE seeks comments on short selling guidelines (09 Mar 2014) arrow

MALAYSIA: Bursa Malaysia increases number of securities eligible for borrowing and lending (06 Mar 2014) arrow

Notice of PASLA 2014 AGM (04 Mar 2014) arrow

Minutes - 2014 AGM (04 Mar 2014) arrow

HONG KONG: Changes to the list of securities designated for short selling (09 Feb 2014) arrow

TAIWAN: TWSE to loosen restrictions on Securities Borrowing and Lending (22 Dec 2013) arrow

KOREA: Increased penalty against naked short selling (19 Dec 2013) arrow